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Kiteboarding Center Laguna


Kiteboarding Center Laguna is located on the 14 km long sandy beach Velika Plaza, about 10 km south of Ulcinj.


There is a regular shuttle service from your hotel in Stoj to the Kitebeach, about 8 minutes' drive away. 

This shuttle service is included for guests of the Hotel Laguna and is offered twice a day (round trip) in the hotel's minibus. Outside the shuttle zone, single journeys are 2 Euro p.P. Distance.   

 Newly built in the summer of 2016, the kite station is located in the southern part of Velika Plaza and is equipped with a restaurant and bar.  

  Rental gear from TAKOON is available for training. In addition to beginner and advanced training, the Kiteboarding Center Laguna also offers training for the new trend Hydrofoils and there is a specially tailored training materials available which allows a quick and safer learning of the Hydrofoil!


All training courses are conducted with radio connection to the student so that every situation can be corrected immediately which guarantees a fast learning success.

For water rescue, a fast jetski and a Zodiac are available!

The center offers a special upwind service to bring beginners who still lose distance back to the starting position, without tedious and exhausting running back. 

Guests with their own gear can store their material in a separate storage room at the station and use assisted kiting.

The main contact person here is Alex Korb, the owner of the station and a pioneer of the German kite scene.

Alex has gained a lot of experience through many years working for several kite manufacturers like NAISH, F-ONE and BEST Kiteboarding, which he gladly passes on to customers and is available to help and advise on all matters locally. 

Since the thermal wind comes up at noon, there is also the possibility to take excursions with Alex in the morning to explore the great nature and the cozy surrounding old towns.

He also offers an adventure program with SUP tours, canoeing, biking, hiking, boat excursions .... etc. in addition to many other activities.

Map of Kiteboarding Laguna
85360, Montenegro
+382 69 81 0572
+49 69 25 47 2510
Open 7 days, 11am - 7pm May 1 - September 30 2018